August 19, 2022

Free webinar: How GFI 256 will change your compounding practice

Maybe you’ve heard about FDA’s GFI 256, regarding animal compounding, and wondered if it might affect you. If you do animal compounding—any animal compounding at all—the answer is a firm “YES!”

FDA’s Center for Veterinary Medicine says it will begin enforcement October 1. Trouble is, there’s still so much ambiguity in the GFI that it’s difficult to know what compliance even looks like just yet, much less actually developing SOPs and coming into compliance by the deadline. Yes, we’ve asked CVM to delay enforcement for another year, but we’ve received no response yet to that request.

So: To help you figure out this hairball of a GFI, APC will host a free webinar for veterinary compounders on September 2 at 12pm EDT. We’ll discuss the what and why of the GFI, as best we understand it, and we’ll spotlight areas of concern that you need to be aware of as you bring your practice—and the veterinarians you work with—into compliance.

The event is free, but registration is required. Register here.