August 19, 2022

Dear Congress: Save compounded hormones!

3,222 folks have sent 9,370 cBHT messages to 269 members of Congress

You know that page at where you can send to your members of Congress a message about FDA’s implicit threat to restrict compounded hormone therapy? (Nod your head yes.)

Since the launch of our campaign to save compounded hormones last year, 3,222 individuals have sent 9,370 messages to 269 members of Congress, asking them to intervene and admonish FDA not to rely on the discredited NASEM report as a basis for restricting cBHT.

Those are some reasonably impressive numbers until you get to that 269 – since 269 is barely more than half of the 535 members of Congress.

It means that patients, prescribers, and pharmacists of about half the members of Congress have not yet sent messages. It means we have work to do.

PLEASE: Urge your compounded hormone patients and prescribers to go to and send a message—ASAP!—to their members of Congress. It’s quick and easy—and their continued access to compounded hormone therapy may just depend on it.