July 5, 2022

Patient-reported outcomes are key to your survival

The FDA is an agency persuaded by data. And in compounding, the best way to demonstrate the value of the compounded formulations you dispense daily is via patient-reported outcome data that can be aggregated and shared with FDA.

Without that kind of data, your compounding practice is a potential target for hyper-regulation from FDA that will leave your business in tatters and your patients without options.

Fortunately, APC has negotiated special half-price subscription rates for APC members with OutcomeMD, an outcome-tracking and marketing platform that provides compounding pharmacy owners granular, HIPAA-compliant data on how their formulations are working for patients and allows APC to aggregate that same data and share it with FDA.

Learn more about OutcomeMD’s features and benefits here. Then reach out to Lorraine Kaiser at lkaiser@outcomemd.com to schedule your demo or click here to schedule it directly.