May 3, 2022

OutcomeMD: For you, for the profession

It’s been a long time coming, but compounders now have a way to turn the results of the therapies they dispense into a powerful tool to help the compounding profession: OutcomeMD.

OutcomeMD allows compounding pharmacies to collect information about how their therapies are working for their patients in a standardized, validated format — the same, in fact, that FDA uses. Collecting and tracking that is good for the pharmacy, but it’s also important for compounding as a whole.

While pharmacy owners get patient-level data about their formulations’ effectiveness, APC gets access to the aggregated metadata — scrubbed of HIPAA-protected details, of course — to share with FDA.

That will allow us to demonstrate in unambiguous terms how patients benefit from compounded therapies. And the more pharmacists who use OutcomeMD, the stronger our case becomes.

Thanks to our partnership with OutcomeMD, APC Pharmacy/Facility Members members receive more than half off OutcomeMD’s standard subscription rates.