The voice for pharmacy compounding | March 25, 2022

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From APC’s President

An affair to remember

David J. Miller, RPh
APC President

I am having a love affair.

It started 15 years ago. I met a nurse and she said, “You don’t remember me, do you?” I had to admit, I didn’t.

“We met six months ago and you were amazing,” she said … and then proceeded to tell me all about it.

Before you all run and tell my wife, it’s not what you think.

She was a hospice nurse. She had come to me six months prior with a 76-year-old female patient who had sores on her back and could not lay down because it was too painful. She was literally sleeping half standing, slumped over a chair. She was only receiving two hours of sleep at a time and was miserable. The nurse asked me if I could help.

I sprung into action and recommended a pretty simple ketamine/lidocaine/morphine spray that the patient could use to ease her pain. When the nurse returned six months later, she told me her patient has passed — but she passed pain free and had been sleeping in her bed six hours at a time.

Hence began my passion for and love affair with compounding pharmacy — the same love affair I hope all of you have.

That is the reason we are APC members.

If you remember nothing else from my year as APC president, remember this: APC is focused on your success and the success of your industry. I hope you feel that APC is more than just another membership, or just another dues payment. I want you to realize the value APC brings you every day.

Your membership is an investment. Your support of the Campaign to Save Compounded Hormones is an investment. Your contributions to CompPAC are an investment. And all of them pay handsome returns.

It’s not hyperbole to say that, without APC, your ability to compound would be severely limited, and your profession and the ability to do what you love would be crippled.

Would you join me in making one call this week to a passionate compounder and ask them to join APC or enrolling one of your technicians? Ask them to make the same investment in their profession that you have made? Ask them to fuel their love affair?

David Miller is APC’s president and the managing co-owner of Keystone Compounding Pharmacy in Grand Rapids, Michigan. You can reach him at

This Week

Medisca to match new contributions to save cBHT

Let’s keep the ball rolling in the Campaign to Save Compounded Hormones! How’s this: Through the month of April, Medisca will match every new contribution (not recurring ones) dollar-for-dollar up to $100,000.

That means your support from now through April 30 is doubled thanks to Medisca!

Help us reach our goal of raising $850,000 in 2022 to fund more awareness advertising, more practitioner engagement, an expanded, and new media opportunities. (Click here to see our plans.)

With FDA making clear it intends to use that debunked NASEM report in its decision-making, the fight is more important than ever!

Owner Summit opens in Scottsdale

APC’s second annual Owner Summit opened today, with more than 100 attendees from around the country descending on the Hilton Scottsdale Resort for two intense days of owners-only sessions and networking.

A few pics from day one:

A full house awaits the first session
(click to embiggenify)

Michael Blaire and congressional candidate
(and APC member) Rich Moon at the Thursday night reception

Allison Linney delivers the Friday-morning keynote
(click to enlarginate)

(You can see more pictures here.)

Jason Dunn joins APC as director of business development

Longtime healthcare sales and marketing expert Jason Dunn has joined APC — he’ll take the reins as the new director of business development. That means he’ll be leading the drive to expand APC’s relationships with patrons, affinity partners, and other organizations serving the compounding market.

His first order of business will be putting the new Pharmacy/Facility Membership program into high gear. He’s got the chops — Jason comes to us from Letco’s Fourth Power Labs, where he served as director of business development; before that he was VP of business development for Encore Scientific. He even founded his own company in 2015 — Triova Pharmaceuticals, a wholesale pharmaceutical ingredients supplier in Tulsa, Okla.

Chances are you’ll be hearing from Jason soon enough. We hope you’ll give him a warm welcome!

Be ready to talk the thyroid talk with a free CE webinar

Whether it’s dosage limits, allergies, or other issues, commercial thyroid products simply don’t work for every patient. Learn how — and why — to start the conversation with prescribers about compounded thyroid.

APC is offering a free hour-long CE webinar, “Compounded Thyroid: How to Start the Conversation With Your Provider” taught by Michelle Moser, RPh, owner of Maker’s Compounding Pharmacy in Mount Vernon, Wash.

Learn to educate prescribers and patients, and pick up some important best practices for working with thyroid options.

It’s Thursday, April 21, from 2:00–3:00pm EDT, and it provides 1 hour of CE credit. Check it out!

Last 2 weeks you can ‘attend’ EduCon! If you haven’t grabbed some of those CE credits, you still have time!

Short Takes

The pandemic hit U.S. population hard. Not only has it caused the largest spike in deaths in a century, but “deaths outpac[ed] births in more than 73% of U.S. counties between mid-2020 and mid-2021.”

Remdesivir — the 800-pound gorilla of Covid-19 treatments — may soon be available in pill form. Scientists at UNC-Chapel Hill are testing it right now, and it’s looking to be as effective as molnupiravir (already a pill) … at least for mice.

Check it out: RxInsider’s “20Ways” spring retail edition” is now available, with a focus on pharmacy management software. (Be sure to flip to page 79.)

If you can’t trust random TikTok “influencers,” who can you trust? “TikTok videos about high blood pressure often lack scientific basis,” reports the American College of Cardiology.

Coming Up

Now through April 8, 2022EduCon Virtual 2022

April 21 — APC FREE CE: Compounding Thyroid with Michelle Moser

May 10 PCCA ACT Virtual Legislative Conference
May 12 — PCCA ACT Virtual Hill Visits

September 14–15, 2022 — APC’s Compounders on Capitol Hill 2022, Hilton National Mall, Washington, DC

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