February 25, 2022

Save cBHT with these great (free!) flyers

Here’s a slick way to spread the word about the threat to your patients’ compounded hormones: Michelle Moser of Makers Compounding Pharmacy & Hallmark in Mt Vernon, Wash., commissioned some slick flyers from a professional designer, and she’s making them available to everyone.

A pic of four lovely flyers

You can grab the 8½ x 11 versions here, or the poster-size 18 x 24 versions here.

Download them, choose your favorites, then print and distribute them — spread the word! And be sure to encourage your patients taking compounded hormones to share their stories on Compounding.com.

Don’t forget the Topi-CLICK match!

Remember, if you make a new contribution to APC’s Campaign to Save Compounded Hormones by the end of the month, Topi-CLICK will match it, dollar for dollar — an easy way to double your support!

Big red button to save cBHT