December 10, 2021

Are we one-and-done on the cBHT media campaign?

After we announced the fundraising effort for Phase 2 of our media campaign to save compounded hormones three weeks ago, we expected the dollars to start rolling in. After all, that’s what happened last year, when we raised an extraordinary $1.5 million to launch the campaign.

But the dollars are not yet rolling in for 2022. And it has us worried.

We must raise a total of $850,000 pronto to launch Phase 2. About $150,000 of that amount is already pledged, so we have $700,000 to go.  Here’s our brochure outlining what the 2021 campaign has accomplished and what’s planned for 2022.

We know it’s the holiday season and you’re busy. But we also know you believe in this campaign. Take a moment and make your 2022 investment now – so we can get going with new media, messaging, and prescriber engagement.