November 5, 2021

Mercatus Center releases brief on HR3662

Urgent-use compounding is one of our major issues, and we’re working on getting HR3662 passed — the bipartisan bill that would allow 503A pharmacies to compound for office use the medications on the FDA Drug Shortage List or the ASHP Drug Shortage List, if those drugs are not available from a 503B outsourcing facility.

Now the folks at George Mason University’s Mercatus Center have released a readable but detailed policy brief that is absolutely worth sharing with your representative: “Allowing Compounding Pharmacies to Address Drug Shortages“.

It covers the rationale for the bill, the legal framework, “How Covid-19 has changed the debate” and even addresses concerns that might be raised. We can’t argue with the conclusion:

When the alternative is no patient access to drugs, there is an easy choice: let compounders provide patients with the medicines they need. Currently, regulatory barriers stand in between patients and drugs in times of distress, but Congress and the FDA can solve these problems.