August 6, 2021

Some cBHT campaign ads suspended

No, you didn’t misread the headline. In an effort to preserve our remaining cBHT media campaign funds, we’ve suspended digital ad placements for the month of August and will likely need to do the same for December.

The support for this campaign by pharmacy compounders and vendors like you has been extraordinary, and we have come so, so close to our $1.5 million goal — and we’ve done it in just eight months. It’s pretty amazing.

But now, it all comes down to needing that last $35,000 — not only to help us achieve the campaign goal, but to fully fund those all-important digital ad placements through year-end. It’s those placements, remember, that are driving patients and policymakers to, where they’re learning more about the threat to compounded hormones.

The campaign is hitting its marks. Our digital ads are popping up all over — we hope you’ve seen them, like this one that ran last Saturday morning in the New York Times online:


It may be that you have already invested in this campaign to save cBHT. If so, thank you, sincerely.

But if you have not yet given — and compounded hormones are a significant business line for your pharmacy or outsourcing facility — now is the time to step up.

With that additional $35k, we can reactivate our August campaign plans — and get the job done for the year.