July 14, 2021

Don’t you hate being ALMOST good enough? (Us too.)

We’re so close, so close, we can taste victory.
But that’s just not close enough.

Look, if cBHT is part of your compounding business — and you haven’t yet contributed to help APC protect it — please think like a business owner: Support the campaign to keep cBHT available for the millions of patients who need it.

We’re still just about $300,000 $290,000 shy of raising the $1.5 million we need. We’ve done great so far, with online ads, podcast appearances, and print and television marketing ready to go. It’s a nationwide message that Congress and the FDA won’t be able to ignore … but only if we have the funds to get it out.

We’re this close. Help us hit that goal so we can protect cBHT, your patients, and your business.