July 9, 2021

4 things to know about APC’s cBHT media campaign

One for the money

We’ve raised $1,208,600 of our $1.5 million goal — so we’re just about $300,000 short, but almost there.

(Letco Medical’s $3-$5-$10 program — where online shoppers are encouraged to add a contribution to their Letco shopping cart — is off to a great start, with the first contribution coming at 7:03 am on day one of the campaign.)

Two for the show

  1. We’ve already arranged for appearances on 35 health podcasts — in fact, three have already aired, including the latest: Jim Hrncir on “Health Mysteries Solved,” answering “Can Unrelated Symptoms Hide Behind a Hormone Imbalance Diagnosis?
  2. A great incentive: We’ve completed production on two videos showcasing the essential role pharmacy compounders play in the American healthcare system. Anyone who invests $5,000 or more in the media campaign before we hit our $1.5 million goal can receive customized versions of those videos, FREE. Check out a sample:

Three to get ready

  1. APC members have downloaded more than 310 bag stuffers, posters, window clings, and other promotional materials from the members-only cBHT Tools page, A4PC.org/cbhttools
  2. Compounding.com already has more than 10,000 page views, and it’s trending upwards as word gets out.
  3. The message is getting to legislators. So far our ads have been seen by at least 146 U.S. representatives, U.S. senators, and state legislators.

Now go, go, go

Together is how we’re going to save compounded hormone therapy — we need you to do as much as you can!

  1. Speak to your vendor contacts about the threat to cBHT and urge them to contribute to the campaign — all the information is at Compounding.com.
  2. If you’re only partway to a $5,000 investment, make up the difference! That will get you those free, customized videos … if you invest before we hit our $1.5 million goal. (Click the image above for a sample.)
  3. Recruit your patients and prescribers to help save cBHT. Explain the issue and direct them to compounding.com where they can share their stories — stories that can make a difference with policy makers. (We’ve got the members-only tools to help you reach out at A4PC.org/cbhttools.)
  4. Write for us: We’re still looking for cBHT columnists with some solid insight into the use of compounded hormones for Compounding.com. If you can write some expert opinion with voice for patients and policy makers, drop a message to Scott Brunner at scott@a4pc.org.