May 7, 2021

Our cBHT campaign: Once more, with feeling

Learn the threat to compounded hormones. No policy affecting so many people should be based on bad science like the now-debunked NASEM report. Go to to find the detailed analysis of what was wrong with the NASEM report, and the proof of FDA interference in the process.

Recruit your patients to help save cBHT. Explain the issue and direct them to where they can share their stories — stories that can make a difference with policy makers.

Recruit your prescribers. Explain the threat to their patients, share the Berkeley white paper that details the problems with the NASEM report. Ask that they engage their patients — and yes, ask that they contribute financially to the campaign.

Get the member-only tools to spread the word. We’ve made it easy with posters, rack cards, bag stuffers, and even sample letters to customize and send to patients and prescribers. You’ll find them all through our cBHT campaign support page.

Give to save cBHT. Saving compounded hormone therapy is the biggest — and most expensive — initiative in APC’s history. We are still well short of raising the funds needed to place the targeted ads we’ve created across the country.

We need to get the message to policymakers, and we need your help to do it. Without your financial support we can’t confront the threat. Help us fund this effort by contributing at

Because together is the only way we’ll save compounded hormone therapy.