April 9, 2021

Sneak video peek at the cBHT campaign

Part of APC’s big media campaign to save compounded hormones are deeply moving testimonial videos — real patients’ stories, read by professionals, to show how their lives have been improved. They’re just one tactic in the multi-pronged campaign we’re planning.

Check out one of those videos right now (but please, don’t share them yet — we’re hoping to make them part of a big public unveiling):

But there’s one little problem…

The videos are ready. The website, too. Ads — print and digital — are in the hopper. We’ve even got materials you can display in your pharmacy:

We raised $881,000 to create the content — to pay the models, the photographer, the videographer, and the designers.

But investments in the campaign have stalled. On the cusp of launching, we need the rest of our $1.5 million goal (about $619,000) to fund it.

If the funding stops, all this wonderful content sits gathering virtual dust.

That $819,000 came from only 15% of APC members and a handful of supportive vendors. We need you, the other 85%, to help. (Some of you must rely on compounded hormones for a good part of your business!)

If you haven’t invested in this campaign — in, really, the future of your business — think about what restrictions on compounded hormone therapy could mean for you and your patients, and invest now. It takes only three minutes, and we need and appreciate your support … urgently.

ICYMI: Remember to help spread the word about the cBHT media campaign. We’ve got a great four-page brochure you can download and print to share with the vendors and prescribers you work with. It explains why compounded hormones are under threat, how that will hurt their patients, and how APC plans to protect it. And it urges them to contribute to the effort.