April 23, 2021

Introducing Compounding.com

APC has launched Compounding.com, a new website dedicated to sharing the value of compounded hormone therapy — and the place to direct patients to share their compounded hormone stories.

The site is aimed at consumers, legislators, and anyone who needs to get the facts about cBHT … and how important it is for so many people.

Compounding.com showcases patient testimonials (collected via A4PC.org/cbhtandme), explains the benefits of cBHT, details the flaws in the now-debunked NASEM study (see the previous story), and makes it clear: This is a therapy that is critical for millions of people.

Just as important, it will serve as the home page for our big cBHT Media campaign — and a clearinghouse for information and resources on cBHT.

We’ll be updating the site and adding more to it over the coming days, so be sure to check it out and share it with your patients, prescribers, and legislators.

By the way, we’re still about $600,000 short of the funds we’ll need to launch the media campaign, which means all the photos, video, and print materials are sitting until we have the money to begin placing ads. If you haven’t already, please: