January 29, 2021

Only $40K left on Shaun Noorian’s match

Back in mid-December, APC member Shaun Noorian, owner of Empower Pharmacy in Houston, Texas, made an extraordinary pledge:: He would match future contributions to the media campaign (by individuals) up to $200,000. Dollar for dollar.

Since then, compounders have taken him up on that offer, contributing more than $160,000 to the campaign to protect cBHT. That means there’s still $40,000 of Shaun’s matching donations on the table. Rather, it’s in his wallet — we need you to put it on the table!

If you haven’t yet contributed to the campaign, now is (still) the time. Thanks to Shaun, your donation will be doubled, and we’ll be that much closer to launching this historic three-year project.