November 20, 2020

Wanted: Your expertise and engagement

2021 is coming (finally!), and with it new opportunities for you to serve and advance your profession.

One of those opportunities is to lend your expertise as a member of a 2020 APC volunteer committee. Committees are the workhorses of the alliance — you’ll help develop programming, chase possibilities, and recommend policy to the APC Board of Directors.

We’re seeking knowledgeable members for several 2020 APC standing committees:

  • Communications Committee
  • Education Committee
  • Finance & Audit Committee
  • Federal Legislative Committee
  • State Legislative Committee
  • Membership Committee
  • CompPAC Trustees

Applying to serve on any of these committees is simple: just send an email to telling us who you are and what committee you’re interested in.

Deadline for nominations is December 4, 2020.