October 30, 2020

Foundation to fund NASEM study analysis

This week the Pharmacy Compounding Foundation voted to take a leadership role in the effort to protect cBHT. The Foundation board approved substantial funding for an objective, third-party, comprehensive analysis of the NASEM cBHT study.

What that means

There’s much to question about NASEM’s FDA-funded cBHT study:

  • The appropriateness of the study approach
  • The composition of the committee (plus any demonstrated bias of reviewers)
  • The limited scope of the research it reviewed — why and how were only a handful of the hundreds of cBHT studies considered?

Right now, that NASEM study carries a strong sense of legitimacy simply because there’s been no comprehensive, objective effort to refute it. But its flaws mean it must not come to be seen as the definitive word on the safety efficacy of cBHT. Thanks to the foundation, it won’t be.

The foundation-funded analysis of the NASEM study should be available by early 2021. Our aim will be to share it with FDA officials, as well as members of Congress and the news media.

This isn’t an inexpensive undertaking, and PCF deserves kudos for its leadership in funding the analysis. Keep that in mind, and please, give to the foundation. Help support it, so it can help support the practice and future of compounding.

Donors in the past have made this coming analysis possible; they paid it forward. Now it’s your turn to do the same.

Personal or corporate, your donations to the foundation are tax-deductible. And there’s no better time to support the foundation as it takes the lead in the fight for cBHT.