September 1, 2020

We heard back from Tricare on the recoupment. Here’s the scoop.

Tricare is refusing to back down. We’re still fighting, don’t worry — and we’ve added new information to our resources page (and available to both members and non-members).

The most important points: First, because of the confusion about the dates on the original letters, Tricare is resetting the 90-day period to file an appeal. You now have 90 days from September 1, 2020, to appeal.

Second, in the APC conference call, our attorneys said that rather than having to prove a physician/patient relationship existed for the prescriptions in question, you can instead prove medical necessity.

And remember: Regardless of how small a recoupment may be, compounders must appeal or be saddled with having committed fraud.

There is more updated information on our Tricare clawbacks info page (, including:

  • A video of the August 27 briefing session with our attorney friends (for those who couldn’t attend live).
  • A new white paper from those attorneys explaining Tricare’s response.

Fighting these clawbacks will probably require Congress’s help. That’s why we need to make sure we have friends there — and that’s why we need you to invest in CompPAC, our political action committee. Come to the September 10 fundraiser (and meet future compounder and congresswoman Diana Harshbarger). It’s part of the 2020 Compounders on Capitol Hill – Virtual!