August 28, 2020

A compounder is coming to Congress

Meet her at our CompPAC fundraiser reception.

There’s a lot of advocacy work we need to do, from protecting cBHT compounding to stopping the FDA’s crazy MOU with states and more.

We’ll Congress to act, so we need MEMBERS of Congress who support compounding.

And that means CompPAC: APC’s political action committee. But as we head into the heart of the campaign season, CompPAC’s coffers are pretty skimpy. If we’re going to have support in Congress, we need CompPAC to help elect other compounding champions in November.

WE NEED YOU TO REGISTER FOR THE CompPAC FUNDRAISING RECEPTION: 6:45pm on September 10, featuring our special guest: APC member and compounder Diana Harshbarger, who is certain to win the election for Congress in Tennessee’s 1st district.

Admission is $250 per person (PERSONAL contributions only), and every penny goes to CompPAC, and to support candidates who grasp the challenges compounders face.

We’re counting on you!