July 27, 2020

Most states ready for pharmacists to immunize against Covid … but not all

Eventually there will be a coronavirus vaccine. Then will be the massive undertaking of getting enough people immunized for herd immunity to kick in.

Pharmacists, obviously, are the perfect choice for this — the right combination of training and ubiquity. But whether they will be allowed to do that depends on the state they practice in.

NASPA reviewed the laws of all 50 states, and it determined that 32 of them already have the legal framework in place that would pharmacists to administer the forthcoming vaccine. An additional 11 will should only require small regulatory tweaks. But seven currently would not allow pharmacists to administer a Covid-19 vaccine, period: Florida, Georgia, Missouri, North Carolina, Utah, West Virginia, and Wyoming. Those would require the state legislatures to act.

You can see the map and read the details over at https://naspa.us/resource/covid-19-vaccines.