June 15, 2020


Join APC for an important follow-up conference call on the ESI/Tricare clawback issue.

Thursday, June 18 • 3:00 – 4:00 pm EDT

The call is free (via Zoom), but REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED.

* * *

Get the latest on APC’s and NCPA’s work in challenging outrageous Tricare clawbacks aimed at many pharmacy compounders. Here’s what the call will cover:

– A white paper we’ve developed outlining the contractual/legal basis on which ESI/Tricare appear to be justifying their actions; the basis on which pharmacies can respond to the notice; and the approach that pharmacies should take in responding to the ESI/Tricare letters, including some arguments to make. (With Jeff Baird and Brad Howard of Brown & Fortunato and Hunter Jamerson of Macauley & Jamerson.)

– Combined APC/NCPA efforts to urge members of Congress to contact TRICARE to question the action (with APC’s David Pore and NCPA’s Ronna Hauser)

– Additional tools and resources for APC (with APC’s Scott Brunner)

>>> Tell your friends and colleagues: We’re NOT limited to 100 participants for this briefing call. <<<

Visit https://fllw.me/2MXYDRt to register and get the connection info you’ll need.