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APC Briefing: CC Fees

Upcoming Events

July 21: FREE APC Briefing: Credit Card Fee Savings

July 21: An APC Webinar, 20 Questions: Selecting the Right Compounding Software for Your Practice with Alexander Pytlarz, PharmD

August 18: An APC Webinar: Hazardous Drug Decontamination – Understanding its Purpose and Validating Best Practices with Abby Roth (registration link coming soon)

September 14–15: APC’s Compounders on Capitol Hill 2022, Hilton National Mall, Washington, DC

September 22: An APC Webinar: Keeping it Legit: Best Authentication Practices for Compounders, PART I – PROVIDERS AND PRESCRIPTIONS (registration link coming soon)

October 26–29: PCCA’s International Seminar, Houston, TX (in-person + virtual)

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