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24 July 2020

The Tricare clawback issue isn’t over. Not by a long shot.

2 July 2020

APC releases statement on NASEM’s cBHT review

12 June 2020

Animal compounding draft GFI deadline extended

12 June 2020

APC provides support for members on ‘outrageous’ ESI recoupment

12 June 2020

Associations to OMB: FDA underestimated admin burden in MOU

15 May 2020

FDA finally releases “final” MOU, and it’s flawed

15 May 2020

NASEM releases compounded pain creams report

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23 April 2020

New APC tool connects hospitals and compounders in COVID crisis

17 April 2020

About those hospitals needing shortage drugs for COVID patients ...

3 April 2020

Your patients expect you to KNOW.

3 April 2020 

Drug shortages aren't 'coming', they're already here.

27 March 2020

APC Alert: Pharmacy groups ask FD for enforcement discretion on COVID19 compounding

20 March 2020

I wanna hold your hand (sanitizer)...

20 March 2020

Cuellar and Moolenaar question Hahn on MOU

20 March 2020

Is a shortage of hydroxychloroquine the next crisis? 

16 March 2020

APC Alert: More on hand sanitizers – and telling your story

14 March 2020

FDA allows compounders to prepare hand sanitizers during emergency

12 March 2020

EduCon2020 postponement in light of COVID-19 threat

12 March 2020

USP grants appeals, remands chapters for "further engagement"

6 March 2020

APC members get PCAB discount under renewed agreement

6 March 2020

ReedSmith submits GFI #256 comments on coalition's behalf

6 March 2020

FDA addresses implications of biologics reclass on compounding

21 February 2020

FDA extends comment period on animal compounding GFI

7 February 2020

Letter to FDA: Schrader, Yoho have questions about GFI #256

24 January 2020

Comment on reclass of some NDA's as biologics

24 January 2020

To be clear: FDA's animal GFI isn't only about office-use

24 January 2020

APC shares animal use GFI concerns with FDA's Dr. Solomon

24 January 2020

USP appeal hearing: "The process was as flawed as the science"

10 January 2020

President Shawn's 3 asks, thanking our patrons, vets concerned about GFI draft, and more...

9 January 2020

ARTICLE: CBD-Derived Products and State & Federal Law
Made available with permission from the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy, Mount Prospect, Illinois

7 January 2020

Introducing: The Alliance for Pharmacy Compounding

20 December 2019

FDA draft GFI on animal compounding: By what authority?

20 December 2019

Congress gives FDA direction on compounding in appropriations bill

20 December 2019

We've got new briefs! (One-pagers on APC advocacy priorities, that is)

27 November 2019

FDA issues draft GFI on animal compounding from bulks

27 November 2019

FDA will reclassify HCG as a biologic

26 November 2019

USP <795> and <797> appeals hearings set for January

22 October 2019

VOTING BEGINS: 2020 Board of Directors, bylaws changes

22 October 2019

Responding to letter, NASEM schedules cBHRT practitioner session

10 October 2019

IACP's new Compilation of State-Adopted USP 795-797-800 Rules

4 October 2019

The USP appeal: Everything you need to know

4 October 2019

Compounding peptides, take care ...

1 October 2019

URGENT: Call to Action on FDA's MOU with States

30 September 2019

IACP Statement on John Oliver's 9/29 segment on compounding

30 September 2019

USP postpones new Chapter <795> effective dates

17 September 2019

IACP and NHIA announce co-location of 2020 annual conferences in Denver

11 September 2019

AUDIO RECORDING: Sept. 10 Advocacy Town Hall Briefing

10 September 2019

CALL FOR NOMINATIONS: IACP 2020 Board of Directors

29 August 2019

FOR MEMBERS ONLY: State Compounding for Office Use and Veterinary Resource

27 August 2019

CALL TO ACTION: USP <795> and <797> BUD Restrictions

2 August 2019

Looking to end the impasse, IACP and its partners have proposed a "middle way" for FDA's MOU

19 June 2019

FDA's overreach will harm compounding pharmacies and the patients they serve

7 June 2019

New USP <797> doesn't provide for BUD extensions

31 May 2019

Survey results show strong member support for IACP

29 May 2019

IACP members testify at workshops on BHRT and pain creams

29 May 2019

NEW: FREE risk management audit services for IACP members

29 May 2019

Foundation grant will fund IACP state-by-state vet compounding resource

17 April 2019

An urgent message from IACP's EVP Scott Brunner

5 April 2019

IACP and ACHC renew partnership, announce $500 discount on PCAB accreditation

29 March 2019

IACP cheers reintroduction of legislation to clarify FDA role in pharmacy compounding