Student programs

Join APC as a student member

Interested in pharmacy compounding? Considering compounding as a possibility for your pharmacy career path? Join APC as a student member.

Student dues are only $5 annually, and membership gives you access to all APC communications and programs. It’s a great way to learn more about compounding and grow your network of professional peers.

Your choice: One Starbucks coffee and half a cookie, or a year-long membership in a professional association that can advance your career, your knowledge, and your future patients' well-being.

Free policy briefing for pharmacy school student groups

APC offers any pharmacy school with more than 20 APC student members a free hour-long Skype/Zoom briefing called "Public Policy and Pharmacy Compounding.”

The briefing covers the regulatory framework for pharmacy compounding and then dives into a handful of current policy issues that are impacting the practice, from USP <797> and <800> to FDA's regulation of interstate shipments of compounds to proposed new prohibitions on what substances can be compounded.

Contact APC’s Drew Floyd at for details or to schedule a briefing.

Foundation Fund-the-Future Program

The Foundation’s Fund-the-Future program raises funds to bring pharmacy students to two of the most important events in pharmacy compounding, Compounders on Capitol Hill (CCH) and APC's EduCon. Here's where to get the details.


Some resources for pharmacy students

USP has offered several free resources for our current student members.

Academic Pharmacy Resource Program (APRP)

USP offers free access to USP-NF, USP dictionary, and FCC for pharmacy school students. This is usually set up through the pharmacy school librarian (or other contact) and access is granted to all students through the school library.

USP Pictograms

USP has a library of 81 pictograms which are standardized graphic images to help convey medication instructions, precautions, and warnings. These also are available to download at USP's website. Students and practitioners have found this useful for counseling patients with low literacy levels. Click here to access.

USP Newsletters and Information

USP also has a variety of notices, updates, and publications and students can sign-up to receive these updates depending on their interest. Sign up to receive them here.

USP Compounding Webpage

Updated with any new revisions/proposals related to compounding General Chapters and monographs. Currently, on the page is information on a newly proposed chapter on Hazardous Drugs, FAQs related to compounding, as well as other information. Click here to access.

USP General Chapter <800>

USP General Chapter <800> provides standards for safe handling of hazardous drugs to minimize the risk of exposure to healthcare personnel, patients and the environment. Click here to access.

USP Healthcare Quality & Safety

Information, updates and resources for healthcare quality and safety information. Click here to access.

For questions or more information on APC's Student Programs, contact