APC Awards

The Inaugural George & Lucy Malmberg APC Advocacy Champion Award

In 2020, APC will be presenting its first member award focused exclusively on advocacy. The honoree will be named during the orientation session of the 2020 Virtual Compounders on Capitol Hill.

Named in honor of George & Lucy Malmberg, longtime pharmacy compounding leaders and advocacy champions, the George & Lucy Malmberg APC Advocacy Champion Award is presented annually to an APC member pharmacy compounding professional who in the previous year has demonstrated distinguished and extraordinary advocacy and political engagement in support of APC public policy priorities on behalf of the pharmacy compounding profession.


The criteria for the award are as follows:

  • The recipient must be a member of APC.
  • The recipient should be a financial supporter of CompPAC and/or APC’s OneFund.
  • The recipient must be a licensed pharmacist, pharmacy technician, or student pharmacist.
  • The recipient is not currently serving, nor has he/she served within the immediately preceding year, as an officer of the alliance.
  • The recipient does not currently have a family member serving as an APC officer, board member, or employee.
  • The recipient must have demonstrated distinguished efforts to promote the enrichment of public health policy related to pharmacy compounding and the betterment of the pharmacy compounding profession and the patients it serves. Some examples of activities that would qualify an individual for this award might include (but are not limited to):
    • Hosting pharmacy visits or other meetings with members of Congress or leaders of federal agencies with oversight over compounding.
    • Either through CompPAC investment or individually, supporting candidates who are pharmacy compounding champions.
    • Leading or demonstrating distinguished support (via direct advocacy, communication, testimony, etc) for advocacy efforts at the state or federal level that advance pharmacy compounding.
    • Running for public office with healthcare, pharmacy compounding, and/or regulatory overreach concerns as a clear, enunciated campaign theme.
    • Advancing pharmacy compounding on a state and/or federal level via grassroots advocacy focused on Congress, state legislature, or a federal or state regulatory agency.
    • Serving with distinction on a state board of pharmacy, with a demonstrable track record of support for pharmacy compounding while in that role.

Applications or nominations

For 2020, the application process is simple: Send a detailed e-mail to info@a4pc.org explaining why you believe the nominee qualifies for the award. Images, news clippings or links, and other supporting documentation is welcome.


Selection shall be by the APC Board of Directors, upon recommendation of a five-member joint committee consisting of two members each of the Federal Legislative Committee and CompPAC Committee appointed by those committees’ respective chairmen. The chairmanship of the joint selection committee shall alternate annually between the chairmen of the Federal Legislative Committee and CompPAC Committee, beginning in 2020 with the PAC Committee chairman as selection chairman.