APC: Bylaws changes affect APC officer election, titles

December 21, 2022

Bylaws changes affect APC officer election, titles

APC members recently approved bylaws amendments to eliminate the office of president and change the way Alliance officers are elected.

Under the new bylaws that take effect January 1, the APC Board chair will have all authority formerly vested in the president, as well as presiding over the Board of Directors.

“It’s always been confusing to have both a president and board chair,” said APC Board Chair Mike Blaire. “Under the new format, they are one office rather than two.”

In new bylaws, responsibility for electing APC officers is shifted from the membership, as was formerly the case, to the Board of Directors. Henceforth the Board will elect its own officers from the board itself.

Members also approved the creation of the office of Immediate Past Board Chair, who will be a full voting member of the board.