APC: The cBHT campaign has run out of gas

July 8, 2022

The cBHT campaign has run out of gas

cBHT Video

The good news:
Just two months into the launch of phase two of APC’s Campaign to Save cBHT, the metrics are absolutely stellar:

  • 1,500 new messages to members of Congress
  • 96 new patient testimonials
  • 35,000 page views at compounding.com
  • 15 million impressions – that’s eyeballs on our new campaign ads!

The very bad news:
The above efforts cost money and the campaign is running out of it. We have funding through July 31, and that’s all. No exaggeration here: Without an immediate infusion of funding, we will be forced to pull all search and digital ads through the end of the year, and our ability to afford to maintain compounding.com as the campaign landing page will be unsure.

Click here to hear what your colleagues are saying about the threat.

Consider this a plea. We have the metrics to prove that the campaign is engaging patients and prescribers and policy-makers in the effort to protect compounded hormone therapy from undue restriction by FDA.

What we don’t have is the money to continue the fight.

We need to raise at least $200,000 in the next three weeks in order to continue. If your business benefits from compounded hormone therapy, NOW is the time to give. We can’t go on without you.