APC: Just the cBHT facts (please!)

March 8, 2022

Just the cBHT facts (please!)

Last week hundreds of cBHT prescribers received an email briefing them on the threat to compounded hormones and urging them to go to compounding.com and send a message to their members of Congress and maybe leave a testimonial on the way out. Many, many of the recipients did exactly that.

Trouble was, some of the info in the email — which did not come from APC — was not accurate. It said FDA has announced plans to restrict compounded hormones. In fact, FDA has made no such statement. But they’ve certainly hinted at it by stating the agency will base next steps related to compounded hormones on the discredited NASEM report — most recently in a letter to 22 members of Congress who had written to the agency late last year to express concern about the NASEM report.

That nuance matters: FDA has made no announcements and has taken no action thus far to restrict cBHT. To suggest they have — particularly to suggest it to members of Congress — undermines our credibility. So please, take care how you portray this threat: We firmly believe restrictions are coming. But they haven’t yet been proposed.

However: That inadvertently inaccurate email last week was apparently a wake-up call to the prescribers who received it. Many rushed to compounding.com to send messages to Congress and alerted their patients to do the same.

That’s exactly what we need them doing BEFORE FDA ACTS: We need prescribers to engage and help us confront this threat.

We’ve got three resources to help you engage YOUR prescribers (and patients!) in confronting this very real threat to compounded hormones.

1. A PRESCRIBER BRIEFING: The Threat to Compounded Hormone Therapy

Share this short .pdf with all the cBHT prescribers you work with. It’s accurate and to-the-point about FDA’s implicit threat and how prescribers can help confront it. It ought to light a fire under ‘em.

2. BRIEFING PAPER: The Campaign to Save Compounded Hormone Therapy

Here’s a quick look at the campaign, including what we accomplished last year (as in raising $1.5 million and reaching 25 million Americans), how the money we raised last year was spent, and our plans for the $850,000 we need to raise by the end of April 2022 to continue the effort.

3. APC’s cBHT Campaign Resources Page

Here’s where you’ll find tools and resources to help reach patients and prescribers — window clings, bag-stuffers, posters, and more. They’re all free, by the way. Use them to spread the word to patients and prescribers about the threat!

And don’t forget what may be the most important thing of all: Invest NOW in the campaign.

Thanks for all you’re doing!