APC: Letco cBHT fundraiser engages new donors

December 17, 2021

Letco cBHT fundraiser engages new donors

A 90-day cBHT fundraising campaign by our friends at Letco has resulted in 350 pharmacies donating to APC’s effort to save compounded hormones, many of those for the first time. On Letco’s website and via its sales team, customers we asked if they’d add and additional amount to their orders to support the cBHT campaign.

“It was a creative way to put the threat to compounded hormones on compounders’ radar and to raise money for our campaign,” said APC CEO Scott Brunner. “We appreciate Letco’s leadership in embracing the effort – especially their sales team members, who were wonderful ambassadors for the campaign.”

The effort generated $4,145 in new money for APC’s campaign. All contributor names have been added to the cBHT Honor Roll page on APC’s website.

One more thing: This week Letco included APC’s cBHT campaign as an option in its annual holiday charity drive. Check it out – and VOTE for us!