APC: cBHT campaign: The last days are here

June 25, 2021

cBHT campaign: The last days are here

The fundraising window for APC’s cBHT media campaign is almost closed, and we’re still about $375,000 short.

Put simply, if we’re unable to raise the money we need in the next week, we won’t be able to secure ad placements this year, and we’ll lose the campaign momentum we’re starting to build — Compounding.com is going strong, and we need to build on that. (And remember: We don’t know when FDA might act to restrict compounded hormones. We cannot risk waiting — we need to be proactive, not reactive if we’re going to protect cBHT.)

Remember: Through June 30, any contribution you make to the campaign will be doubled by Medisca — we’re in reach of our $1.5 million goal! Click here or the image below to support the campaign!

Last Friday, APC held a town hall briefing that covered the state of the cBHT media campaign, the media we’ve produce so far, and some of the tools available for members. Click below to watch it.