APC: How well do you know C of As?

May 26, 2021

How well do you know C of As?

Introducing “Reading & Leveraging a Certificate of Analysis”: A three-part learning series from the Alliance for Pharmacy Compounding.

Ask any competent compounder and they’ll tell you: The certificate of analysis matters — and your ability to correctly read one, and leverage it in producing compounded medications, is key to delivering a product that is not just safe, but precisely prepared for your patients’ specific needs.

Get it wrong, and you don’t just waste ingredients — you may be putting your patients at risk. This three-part series from APC is designed for compounding pharmacy teams, to polish their skillset, grow their expertise, and keep them compliant with the Compounder’s Code of Ethics.

It’s such an important topic that we’re providing a special $99 rate for pharmacists, $69 for technicians — that includes all three sessions.

Leveraging a COA: Raw Material Revealed

June 22; 2:00–3:00pm EDT
Presenter: Dr. Tom Kupiec, ARL Bio Pharma; Oklahoma City, OK

  • Understanding all those fields
  • How COAs differ lot to lot
  • Manufacturer COAs versus repackaged/vendor COAs
  • Repackaged testing on raw material
  • Where to find a missing COA
  • How to read an API label
  • Case studies and cautionary tales

Leveraging a COA: The Arithmetic

July 13; 2:00–3:00pm EDT
Presenter: Anthony Campbell, PharmD, BCSCP, Wells Pharmacy Network; Ocala, Florida

  • Determining the correct chemical
  • Calculations based on COA data
  • Assay vs. potency
  • Loss on drying/residual solvents/-hydrates
  • Salt ester conversions
  • How to document production records
  • Lot-to-lot differences in COA
  • Excipient changes necessary

Leveraging a COA: Risk Mitigation

August 10; 2:00–3:00pm EDT
Presenter: Anthony Grzib, RPh, Wedgewood Pharmacy; Swedesboro, NJ

  • Procedures and training for performing COA review
  • Controlling material storage conditions
  • How to ensure lot-to-lot consistency of material
  • Due diligence and verification of COA data

All three courses are only $99 for pharmacists and $69 for technicians!