APC: Did you miss our cBHT campaign sneak peek?

February 26, 2021

Did you miss our cBHT campaign sneak peek?

APC’s open town hall meeting yesterday gave more than 120 compounders an exciting update on our campaign to save cBHT — a campaign set to launch next month.

While the bulk of the presentation concerned the media being developed for the campaign, it first touched on the two important but ancillary initiatives: the Pharmacy Compounding Foundation-sponsored third-party analysis of the flawed NASEM report and the collection of patient and prescriber testimonials related to the use of cBHT. The analysis will be released in March.

Fundraising update: APC has raised almost $700,000 toward the $1.5 million media campaign goal. We still have almost $800,000 to go to reach our goal so we can realize the full potential of the campaign. (Please contribute today!)

The toolkit: Close to being final, it includes the images, video, and stories we’ll be using to get the message out:

  • Targeted digital media messaging through both mass media and social media
  • Guest appearances on popular podcasts related to health issues
  • Influencer marketing, on sites such as Instagram
  • Connected TV ads through streaming sites such as Roku or Discovery+
  • Pharmacists! From bag stuffers to posters to shareable content

Media campaign update: Shared some of the collateral and the way it will be used to help shape the opinion of three target groups: patients, prescribers and pharmacists, and legislators and FDA staff.

You can view the full video of the one-hour briefing here.