APC: CompPAC hosts fundraiser for new E&C member

February 26, 2021

CompPAC hosts fundraiser for new E&C member

CompPAC will be hosting a fundraiser for Representative Neal Dunn (FL-2) on March 26 at the Owner Summit. Dunn is a new member of the House Energy and Commerce Committee — a key committee for APC as most of the bills affecting compounding originate there. Dunn is a urologist by training, so he also understands healthcare … and the issues patients face.

If you’re attending the Owner Summit, tickets to the fundraiser are $1,000, with all proceeds going to Dunn’s 2022 campaign. But you don’t have to be at the summit to support Dunn! Click here to download a flyer and donation form you can use to donate to the campaign.

Neal Dunn is just one of the members of Congress who need our support, especially as we face unnecessary and ill-advised regulation (think cBHT limits or the FDA’s MOU with states).

We’ll be raising money for CompPAC itself at the Owner Summit, but you can invest in CompPAC — and your compounding operation — right now: