APC: We’ve exceeded our first cBHT fundraising goal!

January 7, 2021

We’ve exceeded our first cBHT fundraising goal!

APC has not only met, but well exceeded our initial $250,000 fundraising goal for our cBHT Media Campaign.

As of yesterday, we’ve raised $383,333 — including a $94,976 match from APC member Shaun Noorian of Empower Pharmacy in Houston*.

Because we’ve met that initial fundraising goal, we’re already at work refining the creative concept, testing messaging, determining media placements — and maybe more important for you — creating resources and tools you can use in your pharmacies to inform and engage your patients in this effort.

Thank you to all the compounders who stepped up to support the first phase of this important work. But we’re not done. Not even close. We turn now to the task of raising — quickly — $1 million to fund the ad placements for 2021 alone. You’ll soon hear more about how we plan to do that, as well as our efforts to recruit vendors and foundations in the compounding space to help fund this work.

Together — on behalf of millions of patients whose compounded hormone therapy is threatened by FDA — we’re moving forward. Let’s keep it up!